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ZARA courier (ONTRAC) lost my package, said that it was delivered on 01/26/17 at 11:47AM. I was home all day and did not hear a single door bell rang.

I was home because I was expecting a package, and when I check the tracking online at around 2PM, it said the package was delivered. But I didn't see it anywhere around the house so on the same day, I inquired with the shipper who told me they can't deal with me and I cannot open the claim with them and only have to go through ZARA (This is ZARA policy). They took a week and ZARA emailed me that there's nothing they can do and not making refund. I received my orders from other courier (UPS) but not ZARA's on the date the tracking shows my order was delivered.

Doesn't make any sense that they didn't care about valued customer. ZARA insist that the order shows delivered. They don't trust their customer, only listen to the carrier. How do they know their carrier drop the order to the correct address.

I am arguing my point that I never signed a release form for ONTRAC to leave my package. ONTRAC are the worst courier out of all of them and many times they toss the package on my driveway, and that would be visible from the street. How is that my responsibility if the courier doesn't do their job right.

They don't care about customers. ZARA with very bad customer care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ontrac Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $297.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I got the same experience too with ZARA and their customer service really sucks. They will not reimburse me for undelivered package that they claimed was delivered to me. They claimed that my case will be elevated for further investigation.


If you made yr purchase by credit card then you may have insurance to cover all yr purchases MasterCard and Visa have this insurance Contact them with yr problem and speak to dispute resolutions Dept They will reimburse you immediately and go after Zara themselves Be prepared with your dates and communication in trying to resolve it first


Same thing happened to me! Two days ago I stayed home from work to be able to receive the package.

No door bell ring, no knock. I check my tracking details and it shows delivered. I call them saying nothing is outside nobody delivered Anything. On top of that it said that the package had been signed for by someone who wasn't even home!!!

Turns out they delivered it to another home with the same numbering but different street name. Next day a package comes ! I'm excited as I've been at war with On trac the day prior (they basically said sorry nothing they can do. In their system if the driver is >.25 mile within the destination it will show up as they're in the right place, dumb I know).

I open my package and my coat is missing. I'm so upset so I call Zara and they said they took down my info and they would get back to me. I told them I would like a replacement instead of a refund as it is a gift . I got a refund this morning.

I called them to complain and they said that the item is unavailable. I assure them that I've been checking for two days to make sure it was available and it was. She is saying no their system Shows otherwise. So I say well if I purchase it now you're telling me there's a chance you'll take my money but the item won't be available ?

She hesitates then says yes. I ask if I can receive the Black Friday deal for that one coat to repurchase as NONE Of this was my fault. They chose to use a sub par courier. They chose to not send me a replacement like I requested.

The crazy part is I used to work for Zara so I know that she's lying when she says her system Shows it was not there. She says she can't do that.

She then says I'm welcome to purchase at full price. And hangs up.


The same thing happened to me. I never received my package and ZARA can not show me proof of anyone signing for the package. They are taking the 3rd parties word over my own.

to Anonymous #1604681

Any news? Ontrac says delivered at front door yesterday and I didn’t receive anything!


you case iss excatly same my case.. customer service is bad.. zara don’t care their customers


I also have the same situation and met a really rude manger Stephanie. She directly ended the chat session!.


I have the same situation and i am very angry.


I agree. I have met the same situation with Zara recently.

My order is showing "delivered" by OnTrac, but I have never got the package. Zara doesn't want to give send me a replacement, they don't want to issue a refund either. It could be Ontrac delivered the item to wrong place or ... I don't know..

but why am I taking responsibility for the lost package? I have been a royalty customer with Zara for more than 5 years, I have never report a lost package. I order average $300 + merchandise with them every month.

I just can not believe they have such a bad customer service. I will going to file a dispute with my credit card company.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1348193

Hi I have the same experience . Did you get a refund ?

to Sue G #1380066

I've worked with the credit card company to get my refund. I also went to the extreme and put a security camera at my front door.

to Anonymous #1393364

Hi there,

Same thing just happened to me with Zara. How long did it take you to get the credit card company to issue a refund?

did you need to file a police report?

to Anonymous #1420571

Hey there. I have the same experience with Zara.

This is so upset.

I cannot believe Zara treat their customer in this way. They sent me a email, just said the parcel was successfully delivered to the address provided, and they have nothing to do with this.

I am wondering how to work with the credit card company to get the refund?

to Anonymous #1443027

If anyone reads this later: I had the same issue (package not delivered, $200 charge) and no response from Zara. We disputed with Amex, and they didn't hear from Zara either, and canceled the charge. Order was supposed to be delivered first week of January, we got the 'refund' from Amex last week of February, so give or take 7-8 weeks?

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