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I am very disappointed in your customer service department and the way my order has been handled. On Black Friday, I bought a pair of black kitten heel boots at size 6.5 - the size was incorrect, but I wanted to buy the shoes on sale and then make and exchange later.

I then exchanged it for a size 8, and received the new pair of shoes, but the shoes were faulty and had a bunch of seams that were out of place. I called customer service multiple times to inquire about exchanging it, and was finally able to hear from someone that they successfully processed the exchange and send me a label. They told me to call Zara immediately when I shipped the shoes out so they could expedite the exchange. I packaged both pairs of shoes and called Zara when I returned them, and the customer service representative confirmed with me that they see my order and will go ahead and process the shipment of my replacement order.

However, that didn't happen. I received two refunds for my shoes instead of an email telling me that my replacement order has shipped.

I called Zara customer service and the first time I called, the line was empty and when the other end picked up there was no sound. The second time, the customer service representative spoke in a patronizing, unhelpful tone, and hung up on me. I was speaking in a level tone but trying to explain this entire ordeal.

The third time, the customer service agent told me that the product is out of stock so they automatically refunded me. I was never told any of that beforehand, and am utterly shocked and the irresponsible manner in which Zara has handled my order. By telling me all was processed successfully and randomly telling me that Zara simply decided to solve the problem by refunding you because they ran into issues?

I bought a product, I made an exchange, received a faulty product as the exchange and called for a replacement since I cannot go in-store due to the pandemic.

Then customer service was difficult to work with, but finally assisted me with processing the exchange again but failed to tell me about not being able to successfully receive a product that I wanted and lied to me into returning everything and receiving nothing I originally wanted. I used to be a loyal Zara customer and shopping at the store was a go-to option, but now I feel cheated, lied to, and disrespected by customer service and the company

User's recommendation: Don't buy from Zara.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Zara Pros: Affordable styles and designs.

Zara Cons: Terrible customer service - no way of contacting them, Rude poor customer service, Defective products.

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