I visited your Westfield Bethesda, MD location todaty around 6pm. I was in the line in the ladies area and an employee made an announcement that the mens section had no line if we didn't want to wait, so I went to the mens section and it took me around 25 minutes to get waited on due to the 2 girls working in the mens section.

I finally got waited on by an african amerian girl, who was so engrossed in her conversation with the girl working next to her, that she would stop working to talk and laugh with her co-worker. I purchased a top and the manager. She said that she would speak to the girl, and I left the store. I've probably been shopping at Zara longer than that african american girl has been working there, and have never had such a rude and nasty experience.

I went to the Zara in DC and returned the top, because I was so upset at how rude and nasty she was that I didn't want it anymore. I will not be going to the Bethesda, MD location if this is what I will expect in the future. She was the cause of the line being so long, as she wanted to laugh and talk about her personal business. She was telling her co-worker about somebody that would be staying with her and stopped folding my top to talk to her co-worker.

I have worked retail for a long period of time, and her attention should have been focused on the customer and not her co-worker. There was a caucasion woman in line before me, and the african american sales associate kept asking her if she was alright.

The caucasion woman looked at me and shook her head, because the black woman was so rude. She needs to be fired or receive some extensive customer service training, as she is the worst sales associate I have ever come in contact with.


Very disgusted!

User's recommendation: Don’t go to Zara in Bethesda, MD rude sales associates.

Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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