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Echoing thousands of online reviews, need to share another bad (actually the worst) experience dealing with ZARA customer service.

Here is our complaint

1. I placed an online order (# 521********.) with Zara on June 9th, looking for a fit pair of summer jeans (ordered 4 pairs).


I picked it up a package from my local fedex office, where it was delivered on June 16.

3. When I opened a box, I realized that 1 pair of jeans was damaged. Front side and back side were not-stitched, completely separated, clearly a production defect ( pic attached)

4. I called Zara customer service reporting a damaged item, and was assured that the not will be made on my account, and was confirmed that I can bring it to any store for an easy return.


I went to a Zara store in my location, (Old Orchard in Skokie, IL) for a return on a some day I picked up my package, and THAT IS WHAT I EXPERIENCED:

*** Store manager (named CAROLINE), refused to take them back, motivating that company could not send me this kind of product. Initially, I did not even take her seriously. When I have tried to explain to her, that I just picked them up, asking to check the notes on my account, verifying the dates on the box (and my email), she became visibly irritated and called me a LIER, accusing me in ripping off these jeans (???).

Here is a clear logic behind:

a. I came to the store on the same day, when i picked up the package and reported a damage item.

I brought jeans in the same package box it was received, with the clear time stamp, which was easy to verify.

b. The pair of jeans had tags attached and looked untouched, of course.

c. This pair of jeans made of heavy fabric, designed for winter, but there is 90F outside.

All of the above would have been very easy to verify, but this manager (Caroline) did not want to bother. When I asked her to check for evidence of facts and notes on my account, she got visibly annoyed, cutting me off and eventually insulting me with different names, saying that I CAN AFFORD keeping these jeans, since i damaged them and threatening me on calling a security (What ?????!!!!) I cannot think of more unprofessionally, rude, ignorant person in service.

If anything, Zara management should understand that this kind of attitude does not help your company, but rather works exactly AGAINST Zaras reputation.

It should be addressed, as ongoing frustration of unhappy Zara customers is growing very fast on social media. No one needs to deal with company who does not care about their customers.

Please let me know:

- how can I return this damaged item ASAP.

- and how does your company follow up on this complaint


User's recommendation: This manager (Caroline) at Old Orchard ( Skokie, IL) Zara store - should not be in business. She created nothing but bad reputation.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Zara Pros: Clothing, Damaged item - return.

Zara Cons: Damaged item - return, Rude customer service.

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