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I ordered 5 items online during the holidays. Item arrived last week and the package only had 4.

Two of the items were suppose to be the same fabrc, (Pants and a blouse - sold seperately). The pants was not shipped and there was no packing slip. I called customer service right away and I was told they were going to investigate. That was my 1st shocker.

I was expecting an apology about short changing me and sending the item right away. I was told I was going to hear back in 24r - 48 hours. After 3 days of no contact, I called back and was told again that they had placed an urgent status on it and someone would call me back that afternoon. No call that afternoon, not the next day either.

I called back 2 days later and to my horror, I was told they take deligence in packing their stuff and that the pants was in my package. In my 15 years of online shopping, I have never been short changed or have an item missing. Zara has completley changed my faith in onlins shopping and I am so disgusted as to the treatment that I received.

They just stopped short of calling me a thief and a liar which infact they are as I paid for an item and never received it. I am making it my mission now to bring aware to their illegal practices.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $36.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have ordered 6 items and when my package from zara arrived , only 5 items in the box. I straigt a way call the customer service people, they said we have open your case ad it will took 24- 48 hours.

i keep calling them everyday and they keep on saying same thing .. "we are investigating". on 5th day when i call them hey told me that they have scanned and packed the item , so basically they are saying that i am thief or lying. i asked them can you send me the proof that you have scanned and packed the item,, they said NO.

it is so stressing that my money is gone and they are not ready for replacement or refund.

ordered on june 21st 2019. i am going to take legal action against them if they did not refund me .


Hello people hope you can help me out. I ordered from zara last week 3 items, they packed my order with only 1 of the 3 items in it.

I ring up to challenge them on this and i ask for replacements to be sent out get told to wait 48 hours. So i wiat and get back to them and they have the cheek to say that everything was in the order and that my claim has been denied. Absolutely rodiculous. Not having it at all.

What can i do??? Please help??


Well.... I got my money back.

I know it is very little money but it was just about the principle of the matter. I fought long and hard and was never going to give up. I was not going to let Zara steal from me and disrespect me on top of that. I guess they realized I wasn't going to give up.

I filed a complaint with the ministry of cosumer affairs. I am not sure if that was what made them refund my money. But I got the refund shortly after that complaint was filed. My experience has been shared numerous times and continues to be shared until I get the apology I deserve.

Zara has lost my business forever and that of people who knows about my horrible experience. Over a decade of shopping online without any problems until Zara came along. My advice.....

don't give up. Take it to any lengths possible until you get your money back but most importantly share your experience so other customers are informed about Zara and their shady business


Same thing happened here. My wife order 4 items.

3 items show up. We called to complain and the next day they sent an email saying they checked their delivery process and did not find any errors.

If a customer took the time to explain and inform them of a missing item, then it should obviously be true.


I had a similar experience with Zara. I returned 4 pants but they only refunded me for 3 pants saying that the item was not included in the shipment.

The customer service rep. was also not helpful at all. I lost $54 (incl. taxes).

I have been shopping online for years and this is the worst online shopping experience I have had.

They seem to have very unreliable warehouse inventory check method and I will never shop with them online.


The same exact thing happened to me. They said one box was shipped and the missing shoes were in the box.

There were no shoes in the box. I called and they told me the same thing. I never got the shoes or my money back. I've contacted my attorney general.

Basically they kept my shoes and took my money. And I've ordered tons of things from them online.


I just had the same experience with Zara customer service. It's shocking! The worst I ever had.


I have the same issues. I picked up my order today at the store, when I got home open it up there were supposed to be five items but only three.....

I called the customer service, and they almost treated me like a thief....... terrible service.

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