I had the same situation as you. My package was never arrived but Zara told me that the lost package was not their responsibility.

I called several times which was an unpleasant experience, and each time CS rep was sorry but couldn't help. I asked for their supervisor, but she only left the messages on my VM that I had to call back CS and whenever I called CS the supervisor was not available.

I switched to Twitter conversation and requested the proof of delivery which is the only thing Zara was able to offer in order to show their royalty according to Zara Terms and Condition Number 10.


Two days after, Zara sent me the proof of delivery with the poor quality picture of the hallway where the courier left my package via email. Even the quality of the picture was not good enough, Zara could still notice that wasn't my hallway compared with the clear image of my hallway.

Finally, I received refund 3 weeks after I started my claim.

Zara Pros: I lik his fashionable clothes.

Zara Cons: Serious lack of respect for us customers, Rude customer service very terrible and worst return policy.

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