I was in your San Jose Westfield store over the weekend. The store closes at 7pm it was 6:20pm when my friend and I tried to come into the store.

We were stopped by an employee who refused to give her name but told us we couldnt shop . We decided to linger around for a sec then noticed her invite two other people in that were both of a different ethnicity. Iam a African American women and so is my friend. After she realized that we saw what she did she walked away leaving the door open .

I then feeling so disrespected asked for a manager the manager was just as inappropriate not wanting to hear my concerns just immediately responded with if I have a problem call corporatealso reminding me that she doesnt have to give me a name which is so unprofessional especially being a manager.

Now over 15 years I worked in retail and if I remember correctly the managers job Is to solve the problems and issues not add to them and in a time when racism and discrimination is at an all-time high its really sad. I recorded a lot of what took place, and I've reached out to someone to represent me but I would like to speak with a corporate representative as soon as possible!

Thank you

User's recommendation: To not shop here.

Location: San Pablo, California

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