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Myself Prateek Khanna, i have bought a pair of shoes from your bangalore outlet on 5/15, there was defect which i have noticed where suede is coming out of stitching. When i visited your store in gurgaon. After showing the defect they agreed on defect but manager didn't come into picture addressing my concern even when i waited there for 45 minutes patiently. Mr. Shantanu Bharadwaj didnt interacted with me directly and kept on directing his assistant to discuss my concern with him ( sorry to comment but he was busy taking his personal call).

Assistant to his best ability explained me that product cannot be exchanged as this bill is more than month old. Expired two days back, whereas i was telling him that i am not here to exchange the product but to address that product quality is not good.

I wanted to speak to manager. As Mr. Bharadwaj was not free due reason explained in caption above. He asked his assistant to tell me that this best that can be done and if i like i can write an e mail on this subject to customer care and dis appeared from there. Mr Bharadwaj seemed to me a young guy who doesn't seem to understand how to communicate with the customer, so refrained to communicate with me and pushed his assistant with me. The poor guy did his best what he could do in that situation.

I was angry and could have made a scene out there, as i have spent the money on poor quality product and store manager who is care less and not attending his customer. But i didn't wanted to make experience of other people bad.

Being responsible enough i left the shoes there as i cannot wear the shoes with leather coming out and took a slip for that which i am attaching here.

Till that time i was ok with accepting the replacement of the same shoes but due to poor quality of the product i feel that i should be given liberty to chose between other styles or refund money for the product.

If you go by rules the defected product info is not enclosed in the bill you have given me.

Pls look into this and await your revert.




Review about: Zara Shoes.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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You have the right to claim a refund even if your receipt is expired. Even if you don't have the receipt you can still claim for a refund or exchange because it's a faulty item.

Faulty items can be exchange & refund within 8 months of purchasing the product.

Don't mind the rude people who commented about your grammar & spelling. Since you're in India, I'm assuming that they'd speak to you in your own dialect so I don't see the point of having to speak a perfect English.


How do you know his call was a personal call? If you were listening to his call you are a nosy person and you have no right listening in on a conversation that does not involve you.

That is so rude. Did your parents not teach you any better? I don't think the communication problem lies on Mr Bharadwaj. Judging from your spelling and grammar he probably had a hard time understanding you, anyone would.

Yeah his poor assistant did his best to try to understand your jumbled attempt at the English language. You could have made a scene but they could have asked you to leave, had you refused they could have called the police on you.

to Anonymous New Delhi, Delhi, India #828411

Hey Who so ever you are... I dont think you deserve a reply...but for your knowledge and better understanding if some one is talking in front of you, can you ignore that?

Sorry i have not been taught that...

God bless you for your speedy recovery...

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