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I purchased a loose-style linen blouse from Zara last June, wore it maybe 6 times - only sent it to dry cleaner, never washed. Wearing it for the 7th time, I reached over to adjust the volume on my car radio and the back tore open about 8 inches (not from the arm or even a seam, just the fabric) - the style is loose fitting, so there was definitely no pull.

I had noticed that the linen wasn't as good a quality as other linen items I won from other brands, that's why I had it dry cleaned and hardly wore it.

Even though I've had it for nearly a year, I have hardly worn it and been very careful with it, and it should not have torn like that unless it were of such terrible quality. The company should apologize for an inferior product and issue a refund or at least a credit - not just take one look at the receipt, not even the item where the quality would be extremely evident (store manager at The Grove in LA, CA) make a face, laugh and say "it's been nearly a year, no way"

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